How To Write Job Posting That Get You More Bids
Nov 24, 2014

The better your job posting, the more likely you are to get bids from lawyers. The description is the most important and challenging part of the job posting. Lawyers use the description to determine what they will need to do for you job and what they should bid. When writing your job description, be sure to include enough information and focus on the information that is relevant to a lawyer.

In order to write a great description, stick to the facts. Consider the Five W’s and one H – who, what, when, where, why and how. When writing your description, consider each questions and, if you think it will assist the lawyer, answer it in the description. Usually, the “How” question will be answered by a lawyer in their bid, unless you have a specific idea about how you would like the lawyer to assist you.

Example 1 – Real Estate Sale

You need a lawyer to assist with the sale of your home

  1. Who – me
  2. What is happening – I am selling my house
  3. When – Closing is February 1, 2015
  4. Where – Miami, Florida
  5. Why – (this is obvious, so there is no need to answer)
  6. How – (the lawyer will answer this)

I am selling my house which is located in Miami. I need a lawyer to assist with the closing, which is scheduled for February 1, 2015.

Example 2 – Marketing Services Agreement

You need a lawyer to draft an agreement where you will be providing marketing services for a business.

  1. Who – Agreement is between my marketing company and a local sporting goods store
  2. What is happening – I will be conducting online marketing services for the sporting goods store
  3. When – we are planning on starting next week (on Dec 15)
  4. Why / How – We have the basic business terms. We would like a lawyer to ensure that our interests are protected.

I am the owner of a marketing company. We’re going to manage a local sport goods store’s online marketing campaign beginning on December 15, 2014. We’ve agreed on the basic business terms, but I would like a lawyer to draft the contract to ensure my interests are protected in case something goes wrong.