Receive Notifications When New Jobs Are Posted
Nov 19, 2014

We get it. You’re busy – too busy to check Lawtendr on a daily basis. That’s why you can use notifications for a hands-off approach to browsing for new jobs.

One of the most useful Lawtendr features for lawyers are job notifications. Lawyers can use job notifications to receive an email alert when new jobs are posted near you and in selected areas of law. To set up your notifications, go to your account settings and select the options for the following two settings: (i) cities; and (ii) practice areas. Cities are the cities from which you accept clients. Practice areas are your areas of legal expertise. Select all the cities and practice areas that are applicable. Be sure to review the practice area list carefully as there is some overlap between the categories.

Once you set up notifications, any time a client posts a new job that is in one of your cities and involves one of your practice areas, you will receive an email with a link to the job. It’s that easy!