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Common Questions

Although you can post any kind of legal job, LawPitch lists the jobs that are more likely to receive proposals. These jobs include certain business, contract, real estate, wills and family law services. For other legal services, such as litigation or other services where a lawyer cannot estimate the time involved in file, lawyers are unlikely to submit a proposal with a fixed fee.

You pay for the legal service when you choose your lawyer. The price includes the legal fee, service fee and any applicable taxes. Some proposals require that you pay for the lawyer's out-of-pocket expenses separately. The timing of these payments is at the lawyer's discretion.

When the lawyer finishes the job, mark the job as complete and rate your lawyer. This will help other clients decide whether to select the lawyer.

Although we encrypt all information using SSL and only display job posting to lawyers in your area, the best way to protect your personal information is not to include it in your job postings. Personal information is not necessary and we ask that you do not include it in your job posting. When describing a job, use placeholders for any personal information (use initials instead of a person's name).

You can post any kind of legal job - incorporations, contracts, real estate, family law, etc. However, you should note that it may be difficult to receive bids for jobs in some areas of law, such as litigation, where it is difficult to find a lawyer to charge a fixed fee.

Lawyers are required to contact you within 2 business days. You have 10 calendar days from the date your bid is accepted to cancel the bid and receive a refund through LawPitch equal to 90% of the bid price. The other 10% is kept as a cancellation fee, but will be used as a credit if you select another lawyer for the job.

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